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Kat Martin Ray is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer with over 17 years of dog training and behavioral experience. Katís specialty is in working with in aggressive, (over)reactive, and anxious dogs. Kat also has a strong background in behavior and psychology having graduated with honors with a degree in psychology with a focus on behavior modification. After graduating from college, she also completed a 200 hour internship in canine behavior and learning theory. So if it is knowledge and experience you are looking for to assist you with your canine companion, you have come to the right place!

At DOGS & KAT we train using the theory that dogs (and people, too!) repeat behaviors that are rewarding to them. Additionally, dogs will cease to engage in behaviors that donít pay off in some way. Therefore, we use research based, positive training methods to reward your dog for appropriate behaviors as well as teaching them alternative behaviors to the inappropriate ones. It is through this type of training that you and your dog will be able to form a bond of trust. Your relationship with your dog will last a lifetime so why not make training fun? Our force free methods allow your dog to learn in a safe, happy manner. Pups respond to positive reinforcement just like people do!

Dogs thrive on having structure and rules in their lives. If you donít give them rules, they tend to make their own. Our training provides this much needed structure. It can help overly exuberant dogs learn to be calmer and give shy or anxious dogs greater confidence. And while there are many ways to train a dog, we feel that using positive methods makes the most sense.

As well-known dog trainer Terry Ryan puts it so well, "Training with positive reinforcement does not imply permissiveness. Dogs still must learn limits to their behavior. This can be accomplished by replacing bad habits with desirable behaviors. Previously, you scolded your dog, now you can reward your dog."

Our location: 2605 Winford Avenue, Nashville, TN, 37211
(one mile south of 100 Oaks Mall off of Thompson Lane)
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